Discover YOUR Power
Helping You Find Your Source of Power!

They asked her, "How did you free yourseld?" She answered, "By embracing my own power."      - Yung Pueblo

 What you will find here is support, encouragement and training to find the strength and power that is waiting inside you. Learning self defense skills is the first step on one path to self empowerment. Are you ready to take that step?

 Workshops & Classes


    Self Defense

Girl Power        Camp

      Little          Warriors

Come find your strength and power! Learns skills to avoid dangerous conflicts, defend against attack & find confidence in every aspect of your life.

Girls will gain confidence, improve self esteem & increase body awareness with a fun filled mix of yoga, tumbling, self defense training & other dynamic movements that will increase strength and body positive confidence.
Develop self esteem, build confidence & strengthen neural pathways with martial arts and mindful movement. Potty trained kiddos age 3 through 5.
Learn how to protect yourself, gain confidence, and strengthen the mother/daughter relationship with fun drills,activities &training to help you find your OWN Power together. 

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