Little Warriors

                  Karate & Movement
                 for ages 3-5

* Confidance * Self-Control *
* Agility *  Body Awareness *
*Group Participation * Listening *


Develop self esteem, build confidence, & strengthen neural pathways with martial arts and mindful movement.
In our Little Warriors program, potty trained kids/toddlers age 3 through 5 learn martial arts movements, karate fundamentals, Japanese terminology and life skills such as forming lines, left vs. right, following verbal instructions, taking turns, respect for others and self-control, all in a safe, friendly, fun environment.

The classes utilize games, short drills, and obstacle courses to teach kids body awareness and gain self-confidence.  Safety, life principles, and the appropriate use of martial arts skills are all part of the curriculum. Little Warriors learn real karate moves and basic self defense ideas, gain strength, balance, and coordination in every class. This class is a great foundation for children to help them achieve greater success in any and all other sports and physical activities that they become exposed to as they age.

Sensei Andrea is accompanied by a number of assistant senseis, including younger helpers who serve both as similar-sized partners for self defense drills, and “kid” role models, for our youngest little martial artists.
As children get more skilled and capable in a group setting, they have the option of advancing into the older kids martial arts transitional class just for 5 and 6 year old white belt students offered at Sortor Bushido Kai Karate. Because of the way the curriculum is designed, it is a smooth transition and kids are well prepared and confident to take their martial arts to the next level! 

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Little Warriors runs in three sessions, Fall, Winter and Spring.  Sessions are $85 for 5 weeks and include your child’s karate uniform, belt and school patch that they earn during the session. Classes are held on Tuesday's and Thursday's 4:15- 4:55

See info on current and upcoming sessions  & sign up below.

Upcoming Sessions
  1. Tues Sept 5 - Thurs Oct 5, 2017
    Little Warriors: Fall Session #1
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  2. Tues Oct 9 - Thurs Nov 19, 2017
    Little Warriors: Fall Session #2
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  3. Tues Nov 14 - Thurs Dec 14, 2017
    Little Warriors: Fall session #3
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  4. Winter dates will be annouced in Dec
    Little Warriors: Winter Session #1
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Click the "Save your Spot button" to sign up now! For questions Send me an email or call me at (541) 390-2980. In your email please include; your name, your child's name & age, the session you would like to sign up for, and a number I can reach you at. Save your spot in the class now before it fills up!
** No Refunds, however tuition can be transfered to later sessions
or used for private lessons.